Monday, April 18, 2011

Indianapolis Web Design Joomla Tutorials

Indianapolis web design firm to be adding members area for Joomla support tools and tutorials.
Also coming soon is free seo and web optimization resources for current clients.

In the past few years we've helped a lot of Indianapolis Businesses with web design and mobile web design.  Lots of these businesses expressed a need for their administrators and staff to have the ability to update content themselves, some having issues in the past with price gouging when they want simple updates.

Indywebgraphics was happy to oblige. Joomla has been a strong CMS for lots of local companies and clients of mine personally. I am happy to be building a members area for the support of this CMS and further understanding of SEO.   Everyone is not a 'techie', but there are things you can do yourself to help increase your website ranking. Please visit Indianapolis Web Design firm Indywebgraphics for more details and we do offer a free consultation.